If you already have an existing loan, it may be time to review your home loan to ensure it is still right for you. It’s more than likely that things have changed and you may even have be in a different financial situation from when you first took out your loan.

Common reasons someone may want to refinance their loan are:

  • Interest rates being too high
  • Earning more or less money, which changes how you’d like to repay your loan
  • Nasty hidden fees
  • Poor customer service

Our team at Finstar Home Loans in Melbourne are here to keep you up to date with the best rates available. By refinancing your home loan to a better structure, you could save thousands, reduce your repayments and even shorten your loan term.

The whole thing can seem quite daunting, but with the right help you can successfully navigate the refinance process.

Need some advice to view your options? Call one of our friendly refinance experts today on 1300 346 782