Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad Credit Home LoansFinstar Home loans are renowned industry specialists who can tailor the perfect mortgage solution to assist people from all walks of life. Our home loans are suitable for individuals facing a variety of difficult circumstances such as ill health, facing bankruptcy, home loans in arrears or a bad credit history etc. Finstar Home Loans are new age, affordable mortgages that are suitable for individuals who need an alternative to the traditional lenders stringent credit requirements.

At Finstar home loans we offer flexible home loan options for individuals struggling with bad credit, discharged or previous bankruptcies, credit defaults or those simply in home loan arrears on their current home loan all our loans feature highly competitive rates.

Bad Credit Mortgage Solutions

When the banks turn their back on you and break their promises, come and see Finstar Home Loans for the best advice on a tailored lending solution that’s right for you. Speak to the team at Finstar Home loans today to obtain a free, no obligation comprehensive individual personal assessment and loan quote.

Finstar Home loans are specially targeted mortgages that help individuals with imperfect credit histories secure finance at highly competitive rates so that you can achieve the dream of owning your own home/s.

Loan Process

To help us provide you with accurate and detailed mortgage solutions that will help you achieve your financial dreams, we will take you through a 3 step journey towards financial freedom.

1. Credit Report Analysis – A Finstar Home loan specialist will analyse and discuss a current copy of your credit report with you to better understand your needs and situation without sending your details to multiple funders which would further undesirably impact your fragile credit file.

2. Loan Proposal – Based on our consultants analysis and discussion regarding your needs and your credit file they will develop a number of tailored mortgage solution which combines both your needs with a solution which will help you work towards achieving your long term goals. Finstar will also provide you with a guide as to the likely fees and charges that may be applicable so that you have a thorough understanding of the products and are able to make an informed decision.

3. Application – After accepting one of the proposals put forward by Finstar Home loans and are satisfied that this is the right loan for you we will begin the application process by collating and compiling the necessary documents for the loan application.

This stage is crucial as the quicker we receive all requested documents the more time we have to ensure the presentation of the loan application is flawless which is of the utmost importance when obtaining a bad credit mortgage loan approval.

Contact the team at Finstar Home Loans today so that we can help you get back on track to financial freedom sooner.